Imagine, as an example, that you are holding an event in Edinburgh:

You would hire Slant Photography from 1 hour up to 8+ hours and we will walk around your event throughout the hire period (maybe occasionally sitting down) We will:

  • Walk from table to table photographing guests
  • Be as unobtrusive as possible
  • Capture anything and everything that moves
  • Try to capture exactly what you want
  • Capture that guest who never smiles actually smiling (you know who they are)

What You Get

  • Every image we capture.
  • Put on the medium of your choice CD/DVD (Free) or Blu-ray/MediaCard/Memory Stick. (at cost or use your own)
  • Yours to do with what you please. Slant Photography reserves NO rights to your images.
  • A happy organiser, happy guests, and a happy photographer.


Slant Photography appreciates your consideration.